The Legal Pad:

This blog is dedicated to the complexity of our democracy, and the brilliance of our founders in establishing checks and balances. The Supreme Court is the most noticeable, but the U.S. judicial system as a whole has an important role to play in safeguarding human rights, the rule of law, and the path of our democracy. This blog takes aim at explaining that role, and the consequential decisions both past and present, that help to shape our society. Whether you have extensive training in constitutional law, or you’re just a concerned citizen looking for information, this blog will deliver the need-to-knows to you straight and clear.

Daniel Henderson:

I am an undergraduate student at Kent State University studying Public Relations and Political Science. As a political activist, and avid progressive, I dream of attending law school, and of making a consequential difference through the U.S. justice system. From Brown V. Board of Education, to Gideon V. Wainwright, to Miranda v. Arizona, the decisions made by Judges in the U.S. have been key to safeguarding the rights of citizens and implementing the flow of progress into society. However, the courts have not always protected civil rights, or been on the side of progress. That is why it falls to us, all of us, to understand the court system, and how our lives are impacted by its decisions.